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Flood-related Migration

Sena Karatas-Ozturk - 2023
Migrating Tower Series / $3,500

In a world where our actions threaten the delicate equilibrium of nature, I wield my artistic expression as a vessel to voice the silent narratives of those suffering from climate-induced issues. My art is an outcry against the flooding crises triggered by our collective disregard for the environment and the human toll it exacts.

Central to my work lies the poignant tale of migration forced upon communities by rising waters and environmental instability. The floods serve as harbingers of an unsettling future, disrupting lives and displacing entire cultures. Through the imagery of towers, symbols of heritage and identity, I convey the profound losses experienced by those uprooted from their homelands.

In one brushstroke of this tower, I capture the essence of a young individual, a representative of countless individuals born into the aftermath of forced migration. She stands bereft of the opportunity to embrace her neighborhood's warmth, to revel in the familiarity of her birthplace—a heritage lost to the floodwaters. This painting is a testament to the unequal life conditions thrust upon communities, perpetuating disparities that deny individuals like her the chance to know their roots because of climate change.

My artwork echoes a resounding call for accountability. It is a stark reminder of our responsibility to restore the delicate balance we've disrupted, safeguarding the future of every newborn from the ravages of climate change. The tower, standing resilient amidst turmoil, symbolizes the enduring strength of culture and heritage even in the face of displacement.

Through my art, I challenge societal norms, sparking conversations that demand equality, justice, and concerted action against climate change. It is a plea for empathy, urging us to recognize and rectify the disparities imposed by environmental degradation. Together, we must strive to create a world where every individual, regardless of circumstance, can cherish the embrace of their heritage and find solace in a stable and nurturing environment.

Flood-related Migration
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