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Little Black Girl

Migrating Tower Series / $10,000


"Little Black Girl's Life Journey: Addressing Racial Injustice and Educational Equity"


The artwork, "Little Black Girl's Life Journey," encapsulates a poignant narrative reflecting the enduring struggle against racial injustice, particularly within the sphere of educational opportunities. It serves as a visual commentary on the persisting disparities faced by marginalized communities, specifically highlighting the challenges confronted by young black individuals in accessing equitable education.

Artistic Representation:

The central element of the artwork is a curvy tower, symbolizing the life journey of a little black girl. This dark blue area encapsulates the hurdles and limitations imposed by societal structures, representing the unfair distribution of life opportunities. In stark contrast, a shiny white horizontal line denoting a little white girl spans behind the tower in a light blue area, illustrating the inherent advantages and privileges granted by societal norms.

Racial Injustice in Education:

Despite claims of racial equality in the 21st century, the persisting inequalities in education perpetuate systemic racism. Research reveals the direct correlation between a child's geographic location, often linked to economic status, and the quality of education they receive. This perpetuates an unequal learning field, with schools in impoverished areas, predominantly inhabited by black communities, often lacking resources and educational support. Consequently, the little black girl portrayed in the artwork faces an uphill battle to achieve academic success, symbolized by the deliberate curves of the tower reflecting the additional efforts required to overcome systemic barriers.

Call to Action:

The artwork serves as a poignant call to action, challenging the prevailing societal norms and advocating for transformative changes in educational policies. It emphasizes that one's birth environment should not predetermine their destiny. True equality of opportunity must transcend racial variables, ensuring that every child, irrespective of race or socioeconomic background, has access to quality education.


"Little Black Girl's Life Journey" serves as a powerful testament to the ongoing struggle against racial injustice in education. It invites reflection and dialogue, urging society to confront and dismantle the systemic barriers hindering equal access to education. Through this artwork, the aim is to stimulate conversations that drive meaningful change, fostering a future where every child has the opportunity to flourish and succeed, unbound by the constraints of racial inequality in education.

Little Black Girl
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