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Migrating Tower Series
Exhibited in Istanbul/Taksim 2017

"My artistic journey revolves around the profound impacts of climate change and war on individuals. Through my 'Migrating Tower Series,' I endeavor to capture the poignant narrative of human migration induced by these socio-environmental injustices. I firmly believe that when people are forced to migrate due to these crises, they carry with them more than mere belongings. They bear the weight of their cultures, histories, and cherished landmarks solely within their memories, unable to pack them into their luggage.

For years, my art has been a canvas for the silent stories of those affected by climate-induced displacement and conflict. Each stroke of my brush aims to shine a spotlight on the harsh realities faced by migrants who must leave behind the tangible remnants of their past lives. The series serves as a critique of governmental policies and societal indifference toward these critical issues, compelling viewers to confront the stark consequences of inaction.

My work encapsulates the struggle and resilience of individuals navigating these upheavals, striving to find solace and belonging in unfamiliar landscapes. By depicting the emotional landscapes of migration, I seek to evoke empathy and understanding, urging society to acknowledge the human cost of environmental degradation and conflict.

Through art, I aim not only to document these untold stories but also to advocate for systemic changes and policy reforms that prioritize the rights and well-being of those affected. My artistic expression becomes a vessel for amplifying the voices of the marginalized and demanding urgent action toward a more compassionate and just world."

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